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Egr Theory:

In internal combustion engines, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduction technique used in gasoline and diesel engines. Egr works by recirculating a portion of an engine's exhaust gasses back to the engine cylinders. In a gasoline engine, this inert exhaust displaces the amount of combustible matter in the cylinder.

Why this is Important and Reasons to Delete the Egr Valve:

When the engine is forced to re-breath gasses from the exhaust, the engine is denied that much fresh air (oxygen). So what happens is that the engine cannot reach it's full potential since there is not as much oxygen to burn. The end result, less power. Granted, it is a small amount, but if your trying to achieve maximum power / efficiency, deleting the Egr system is a good step. Another reason that you may want to delete the Egr valve is if it has failed, which they do, and many are very expensive. Making a block off plate a much cheaper alternative. Last but not least, Egr valves are ugly and bulky. Delete to clean up and dress up your engine bay.   

  All parts are CNC Machined to very high standards. All delete plates are machined from 3/8" thick T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. All parts are subject to very high standards of quality control. Any part produced that has any defect of any kind is discarded. You will not receive a part that is less than perfect. 

These plates are designed to last. They will not warp like other thinner delete plates and they have a very attractive design that looks great on any engine. The plugs are also CNC Machined, aluminum plugs are for the intake manifold and the steel plugs are for the exhaust manifold. 

Note for installation:  All plugs and bolts should be installed with a coating of anti-seize to aid in removal should it ever be necessary. 





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